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Monday, May 9, 2011

Telling Our Story

Last November, my daughter, Jessica, left health care and joined the banking industry, well actually, the credit union industry.  She was the Director of Communications for the Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) and then became the Vice President of Corporate Communications for the South Carolina Federal Credit Union in Charleston, SC.  Through her mother and me, Jessica had been influenced by health care for her entire life so she gave it a shot right out of college.  Jessica was the recipient of several promotions at MHA and was even considering a health care opportunity in Charleston.  When the Credit Union opportunity presented itself, she accepted it.  Jessica said that a change was in order.  What she has found is that she now enjoys a great working relationship with the media being in a job that appreciates what the Credit Union does for the community.

Wait a minute, she was in health care.  What industry does more for its community than health care?  We save lives, we treat patients with care and compassion, we try to improve the health status of our communities, we provide free care, we support the health and social needs of our community and the list goes on.  What we don't do is tell our story as effectively as we should.  We do wonderful things for our communities, but for the most part, few know about it.  Another missed opportunity.

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