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Monday, August 27, 2012

Nike LeBron and the Urban League

This is going to be one of those blogs that might be a bit controversial, but what the heck.  I read last week that the National Urban League is taking on Nike for coming out with the $315 LeBron Nike X Plus basketball shoe.  Yes, $315 is quite a bit over the top for a pair of sneakers; however, with all of the issues facing the black community, this is what the Urban League chooses to focus on............sneakers?  At a time when the black community nationwide is suffering from unemployment, the highest among any group at almost 15%; children being born into a single parent family is nearing 80%; the dropout rate among black youth is the highest among any group; there are more black males in our prison system that any other group; black on black murder is the highest than it's ever been and the National Urban League is focused on Nike and a pair of sneakers.  Where is the outrage on the devastating social issues facing the black community?  Where is the outrage toward LeBron James, whose name is adorning the $315 sneakers?   It seems there is quite a disconnect between the National Urban League and the black community and the black community deserves better.

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