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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance Armstrong, Hero to Zero

Now that's a pretty harsh title, but so well deserved.  Lance Armstrong was an icon to millions, especially the cancer community.  He gave so many people hope as they battled cancer.  He convinced us all that he would be crazy to put anything in his body after what he had been through in fighting cancer.  And, we believed him.  Why wouldn't we.  He was so convincing when he took on his accusers.  He brutalized them.  He mocked them.  Now we come to find out that he was doping all along.  He cheated and now he is sorry; in my opinion, not for cheating, but getting caught.  What is now complicating his life is that he is being sued by sponsors and the federal government for tens of millions of dollars that he fraudulently took from them during his years of winning the Tour de France.  He should have realized that through his sponsorship by the US Postal Service that he would eventually be sued under the false claims statutes; clearly nothing to mess around with. There are so many wonderful lessons here for all of us.  I just hope that we all can benefit from these many lessons by applying them to our own professional and personal lives in the "what not to do" category.

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