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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Perspective on the Week

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog with everything going on from a business and personal perspective.  I have found that I really miss blogging during weeks like this one.  So, some things that I think that I think at the end of this week............first, thanks to all who responded to Friday's blog.  I received a number of great suggestions on a name for the Alliance between WMHS, Meritus and Frederick health systems.  At this point in the time, Trivergent looks like a winner (thanks, Clay Jones) provided we can get it trademarked.  We had our first candidate for the Chief Medical Officer's position in for an interview, which is great.  He is a seasoned, experienced CMO and on the surface could be a good fit at WMHS.  Our interim CMO is doing a great job and has thrown his hat into the ring, which is also great.  We had our second Board Planning Committee meeting this week.  Two major initiatives that the Committee is dealing with are the creation of our strategic plan for Fiscal Years 15-17 and completing a Master Facility Plan for our campus as well as all of our properties.  Our business is changing so rapidly that we are already doing a MFP on a new hospital.  Go figure.  I guess that it is important to remember that the new hospital was designed between 2004 and 2006; a lot of what exists today or is on the horizon for the future wasn't even being contemplated back in 2006 when construction began.  

Now for the personal.  I have had a cold for the last three weeks and I hate colds.  Last night it expanded into a fever and I was just feeling really lousy.   But, then you hear around the health system about the granddaughter of one of our employees dealing with brain cancer, an Alliance attorney diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and my own son-in-law not knowing whether or not the large tumors on his knee and femur are cancerous.  No matter what the diagnosis, he is in for a rough road ahead.  My problems under those circumstances were absolutely minuscule compared to theirs. Well, God speed to the three previously mentioned and their families. You all are in my prayers. Have a great weekend and get ready for more snow.............when will this winter end?????

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