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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Results are In

I may be jumping the gun, but at yesterday's System Management meeting, we had a presentation on the results of our latest employee engagement/satisfaction survey.  It was conducted about a month ago.  We had over 1440 employees participate in the survey, which is about a 65% completion rate; anything over 28% is statistically significant.  For our engagement mean score, we were very well positioned at 5.13 or almost at the 75 percentile (5.21).  For our previous survey, we were at 4.94.  

Almost 85% of those completing the survey felt either engaged or content, which is up 8% over the previous survey, while 15% feel either ambivalent (12.1%) or disengaged (2.9%) and both are down 8% (a good thing).  The individual department and patient unit results will be shared at the upcoming department directors meeting and have shown marked improvement in many areas.  

As for the strengths derived from the survey, they were employee benefits provided to employees, the ability to balance one's job and personal life through the assistance of their manager and receiving regular feedback on one's performance from their manager.  The two areas where improvement is needed include: job security and being kept informed about future plans.  One area that we were pleased to see such a dramatic improvement was related to patient safety by discussing preventing errors and mistakes.  The previous survey was at 48.2%; this survey was 72% strongly agreeing or agreeing that we are focused on safety .  

All in all, I am thrilled with such positive results and the dramatic improvement in many areas.  We will work to focus our attention in those areas where improvement is needed as well as in those departments where improvement over the previous survey did not occur or the results declined from the previous survey.  More to follow.

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