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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank God Someone Had Some Sense

I read in the Chicago Tribune this AM that a breastfeeding mom was thrown out of the National Restaurant Show over the weekend for bringing her 10-day-old baby to the conference.  She was there to promote her family's wine business and why was she thrown out--not because she was breastfeeding, but because no children under the age of 16 are permitted at the show.  I assume due to insurance and safety purposes.  

However, I am glad that someone had the sense to throw her out--not because the child was under 16, but to protect the infant.  A 10-day-old infant should not be exposed to thousands of people under any circumstances.  For the first two months after birth, any infant should be protected because their immune system is still weak and the child is at risk for serious infection, even death.  I remember my wife when she was an fetal and infant mortality nurse describing fetal deaths as a result of newborns being infected with viruses innocently passed through airborne droplets.  I guess this mom must have missed that particular prenatal class.

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