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Friday, August 8, 2014

Are Women Really Smarter Than Men?

The other day, Michelle Obama said at the US-Africa Leader's Summit in Washington DC that women are smarter than men and that they must use their intelligence to effect change.  Interesting point to say the least.  

I am surrounded by women every day.  A mother and two sisters, wife and two daughters and 82% of the employees at WMHS are women.  So, what say me?  Heck yeah, they're smarter.  Actually, the perspective that women bring to most any situation is invaluable.  According to Internet sources, their brains develop faster, they are better at the arts, and they are better at communications, interpersonal skills, relationships and lateral thinking.  They also have a better episodic memory.  

There have been two recent studies, one in Canada and one in England, that show men are just slightly more intelligent than women.  However, a July 2014 article in the Huffington Post has humans being smarter than ever and that women are rapidly catching up to men in areas where they had been superior for years, such as math and science.  Scientists have said that improvements in women's intelligence has a direct correlation to improvements in societal development, such as living conditions, more so than men. 

Nonetheless, it's all pretty fascinating, but my money is still on the women; they are truly an amazing gender; far more fascinating than men.

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