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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's Hard to Believe

Recently, WMHS was notified that our application for a Department of Health & Human Services grant on Mobilization for Health: National Prevention Partnership Awards Program was approved.  This grant submission took a great deal of time to assemble and to ensure that it was thorough in meeting the scoring criteria requirements.  The grant request was for $1.3 million; and as I noted previously, it was approved.  Time to pop the champagne corks........$1.3 million and it was approved.  

Unfortunately, the celebration stops before it begins.  The letter from HHS says, "Your application was approved, but UNFUNDED because there are no remaining funds available."  I am not joking; that's what the letter from an acting Assistant Secretary for Health says.  Why bother seeking grants or approving grants when you have NO MONEY?  I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief over this one, but then again, it's government and, based on some of their actions over the years, I should be less and less surprised.

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