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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hospital Week Recognition

In recognition of Hospital Week, I am both honored and blessed to have the opportunity to work with some amazing people day in and day out. During this week at WMHS, we are also recognizing the years of service anniversaries for over 300 employees, with 22 having over 40 years of service.  The dedication of these employees continues to be remarkable and the recognition so very well deserved.  

This is my 40th year to be in health care and I have been fortunate enough to have celebrated Hospital Week for that many years. Throughout my career in health care, I have worked with thousands of exceptional people over these many years and how they have served our patients, families and each other has been with unwavering dedication.  The support that has been provided, the care that has been rendered and the lives that have been saved continues to go almost unrecognized outside of health care.  The media has an unfavorable view of health care with the exception of nurses, who have the greatest trust as a profession.  Thank God for our nurses!  

In 2013, when I was asked to sit for an interview with the New York Times on our (very unique to the industry) value-based care delivery model, I was extremely reluctant. But, I did.  Fortunately, the interview went very well and the article was both very well written and favorable toward health care.  Since then, there has been incredible recognition of our care delivery model and it has been achieved through the success of our clinical providers, nurses, care coordinators, community health workers, pharmacists, technicians, therapists, service providers and the list goes on.  We continue to be blessed!  Enjoy the recognition this week as it is so well deserved.

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