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Friday, July 31, 2015

Just When Did The Lights Go Out

Last week, Kevin Turley, VP of Operations at WMHS, was going through photographs from when the new hospital was getting ready to open.  At that time, Kevin came to the hospital in the evening and took some wonderful photographs.  As he was going through the photos last week, he noticed that the Schwab Family Cancer Center sign was lit.  He thought to himself, that sign can be lit?  Realizing that the sign hasn't been lit in years, he reached out to Facilities and asked why the Cancer Center sign is no longer lit.  He was told that the sign can't be lit since it has no lights.  He showed our Facilities guy the  photograph.  He was shocked.  To make a long story short, the sign is now lit at night.  The
solution to getting the sign re-lit............simply flipping the switch.  Someone had turned it off a number of years ago and never turned it back on.  Shame on those of us who work those long hours arriving when it's dark and leaving when it's dark.  We should have made note of it long ago.  Well, anyway, the sign is now lit proudly and a mechanism for keeping track of lighting around the campus has been created.  Nicely done, Kevin.

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