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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Defying Logic, Until Now

Last Friday, I was in the Triple Aim Coordinating Council meeting and we were reviewing patient satisfaction results for Home Care.  The results were excellent and we have been awarded a five star rating for Home Care at WMHS. (Great job on everyone’s part in Home Care!)  
What had defied logic was the percent satisfied for the “would you recommend this service to your friends and family” question. The results of every previous question were over 90% extremely or very satisfied; the "recommend" question result was 85%.  We see the same pattern with our hospital satisfaction survey results; the great majority of results are so much better than the results for the "recommend" question.  
The Council members were scratching their heads and saying that this defies logic.  Dr. Steve Smith raised his hand and said he knew why patients answer that question the way they do.  He continued, “the great majority of patients don’t want to be in the hospital, in Same Day Surgery or being visited by Home Care nurses. They are not extremely satisfied, very satisfied or even somewhat satisfied that they are in the condition that they are in." 
Obviously, they are pleased with the care as reflected in the other patient satisfaction results.  However, in this case they are not recommending a hotel, a car dealership or a restaurant, they are saying you don’t want to have heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and the list goes on.  Hmmm, great answer! Dr. Smith solved a long standing conundrum for those of us who look may be too close to look at the results objectively.  Thanks, Steve!

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