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Friday, April 1, 2016

Family Feud at WMHS

The other evening to celebrate Doctor’s Day, we entertained the staff and each other with a game of Family Feud.  Our Medical Staff Services team asked 100 nurses at WMHS a series of questions, captured their answers and then used them for a game show match between the Scopes (our Medical Docs) and the Scalpels (our Surgeons).  The winner then got to play the Suits (Executive Staff).

What a great evening!  The Scalpels beat the Scopes and then Doctors Allaway and Hasslinger did the bonus round with Dr. Allaway getting 198 of the needed 200 points.  The Scalpels then went up against the Suits.  My wife said that the Suits had an advantage by having two women on the team, one of which is a nurse.  Both Nancy Adams and Michele Martz answered the questions as nurses (the great majority of those surveyed being women) would. Thinking back on the questions, she was right.  For the most part, the men who participated answered as men would answer.  The advantage of having two women on team Suits paid off since we beat the Scalpels handedly.  Although after the game was over Dr. Allaway, the Scalpels team captain, asked if it was that obvious that they let us win.

It was a lot of fun and it was obvious that a lot of work went into the event.  My thanks to the doctors who participated, our Food Service staff, EVS staff, Cindy Bridges, our MC for the evening and the master planner of the event, her staff, Tim Abrell, Pam Kline, Karen Ashby and of course, our 100 nurses.

Some photos of the night have been included.

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