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Monday, May 9, 2016

Nursing - It's Hard to Think of a More Wonderfully Deserving Profession

Last Friday began another Nurses Week, and I can't think of a more deserving group of people for such recognition.  For 14 consecutive years, nurses are our nation's most trusted profession with the highest ethical standards.  Wow!  Rounding out the top five according to Gallup were medical doctors behind nurses, pharmacists in third place followed by police officers and then members of the clergy.  That is quite a group of honorable professions.  

As soon as Gallup added nurses to the list in 1999, they have held the top spot except for 2001 when they were knocked off the top spot by firefighters, another very honorable profession.  According to clinical psychologists, people tend to trust those who are directly caring for them.  In the care of the patient, the nurse is the captain of the ship, if you will; they provide the continuity of care at the bedside.  Being in this business for over 40 years, I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with and being cared for by thousands of nurses.  They are truly amazing people in the care that they deliver, the compassion that they express and the advocacy that they demonstrate.   

At WMHS, we are now highlighting our nurses in a promotional campaign.  The spots are reflective of our amazing nurses.  The idea came from Texas Health Resources after their Ebola situation a few years ago.  There was a great deal of misinformation about their hospital and their care of our nation's first Ebola patient.  Their nurses said let us be interviewed by 60 Minutes and we'll set everyone straight--and they did.  These nurses were masterful and certainly made their profession proud.  Just as our nurses have done in their reflections on being a nurse.  

Nurses at WMHS and across the nation have truly earned their recognition as the most trusted, highly respected and ethical in their profession and in the care of their patients.  Happy Nurses Week! 

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