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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Today, I am delighted to present a blog that was written by Debbie Jenkins, our Nurse Manager for Perinatal Services.  Debbie shared this wonderful story with me about the remarkable spirit of the employees at WMHS.  I am sure you will enjoy reading it.

From Debbie Jenkins:
I wanted to share an observation of mine from a week ago—the day the storm and lightening caused a malfunction to ALL of the elevators within the main hospital.  The storm passed fairly quickly, with much wind and lightening but I guess just enough to cause problems with the elevators.  I heard comments made that the elevators were out of service and questions as to what we would do if patients were ready for discharge. (They would wait for restoration of power was my reply.)

Anyhow, just before 5 pm, I was ready to end for the day and go home.  I gathered my things and went to the stair tower that exits onto 6th floor between the north and south wings.  As I opened the door to enter the stair tower, I could see a person coming up the stairs and I just stood and held the door for him.  As that person walked out the door, I saw another person’s head emerge from the lower stair case to climb to the 6th floor.  I again waited and saw that person was carrying a cafeteria/dietary tray.  I held the door for him and was totally amazed at what I saw next.

 It was like a train----one by one, people climbed the stairs.  Dietary staff, patient transport staff--all carrying patient meal trays.  One strong fellow actually carried a small cart with him; I guess to place trays on it.  He was slightly winded and quite red in the face from carrying that cart from the 2nd floor!

I have never seen anything like that in my life!  All these people providing the BEST for our patients—providing EXCELLENT SERVICE!  Up they came, one by one, all carrying a hot meal tray for the patients. Not a complaint, not a comment made.  They were doing what needed to be done at the time—providing the patients with their evening meal.  I guess there were no less than 20 or so staff members carrying trays up that stair tower at that time.  I stood in amazement as these people walked past me, each with their own tray for their own patient in need.  I did say “I can’t believe this!” to which I heard—“what else can we do—they need their meals.”

I walked down the stairs then with an elderly gentleman who had some difficulty in walking to make sure he got there safely.  I encountered visitors walking up the stairs---stopping on the landings to catch their breath and I stopped and spoke with them to make sure they were OK.  People were pleasant and not grumbling.  As the comment was made by one of the transporters carrying a tray—“we do what needs to be done" and DO  IT--DID THEY!!!!

Ultimately,  I am sure to the patients on the floors that evening, nothing was amiss.  They received their hot meal tray at the designated time.  Who would have guessed that a dedicated staff from several departments did what they did that evening.  I can’t imagine carrying trays up a flight or two—much less from 2nd floor to the 6th floor.   It was quite humbling to see this occur in front of me; and at the same time, I was very happy to be able to witness this happening.  I, like others, hear comments both positive and negative from people in the community.  I try not to dwell on the negative, but instead focus on the positive because each person has his own opinions that are not always based on facts.  

I am proud to work for WMHS and have always been so.  After 41 years of service, I have seen quite a bit and heard that much more, but there is one thing I know for sure.   WMHS has some wonderful people working here;  people who ALWAYS make a difference; people who care for others and do what needs to be done!  That was never more evident than what I witnessed that day in the stair tower.  When the going gets tough---WMHS employees make it work, regardless of the situation!  These ladies and gentlemen deserve a HUGE THANKS and a BIG PAT ON THE BACK---and I extend my thanks to them!

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