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Friday, October 14, 2011

Healthy Aging

Death is inevitable; however, we need to do a better job of helping our seniors, in some cases, soon to be all of us, age better.  They need to approach life based on a healthier lifestyle and we need to help them get there.  Wellness initiatives focused on the elderly will go a long way in minimizing the obsession with many of our seniors who wear their various illnesses as badges of honor.  Wouldn't you rather talk about how great you feel and the activities that you are participating rather than being bogged down with talk of your latest aliment.  I want to be like my mother-in-law, who at 85 years young, is an accomplished artist who still paints, golfs twice a week, has been preparing  meals for Meals on Wheels for the last 19 years, teaches an art class each week and remains very active in her church.   At WMHS, we reach out to our seniors with healthy aging initiatives through our Senior Suppers each month.  Maybe it's time to reach a little further and to help this generation that has earned our respect to age better.

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