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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Interviewing for a Job

This is a true story, sad, but true.  We recently had two positions for which the Foundation Executive Director was hiring. There were over 60 applicants for these positions,  with the overwhelming majority being  young women.  Yesterday I picked on 18 to 24 year old men; today it's the ladies, although this blog could easily apply to the guys.  The jobs were posted on the WMHS website so the great majority of candidates were local.  However, the issue isn't a local one; it has become a societal one.

First order of business was to do an Internet search on each candidate.  Thank you, Facebook, as it has become a wonderful screening tool.  Some of the stuff posted on Facebook was unbelievable and access was easy. Sixty applicants quickly became twenty. 

Next, the screening interview.   The new attire for the interview has become a sweater and slacks, crop pants, big earrings and I mean big earrings (maybe to distract one from actually listening to some of the answers to some of the interview questions).  What happened to pant suits, dresses, even a skirt?  In some cases, you gave the benefit of the doubt on attire for the first interview, but now it's the second interview.........this is serious.  What to wear, what to wear.  I think I'll wear that same sweater and slacks or those crop pants.  This is the time to really set yourself apart, you made the cut.  It's down to three candidates and you get to work for the employer of choice for the region.  Wow, what these young women (and men) don't understand about making a favorable impression and truly setting yourself apart. 

Prepare for the interview.  Know the potential employer and understand the expectations of the job.  Do a mock interview with someone........be prepared.  The basic knowledge of preparing for an interview used to be obtained in the home, but that no longer seems to be the case.  It's not there, but somebody needs to take up the cause:  high schools, colleges, extended family, media, the Chamber of Commerce..........somebody, please and don't even get me started on the follow up thank note!

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