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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sure Sounds Like the Death Penalty to Me

The NCAA announced their sanctions against Penn State University yesterday.  Although no one has ever asked me, I am a staunch opponent of sanctions impacting a program going forward.  In Penn State's case, the $60 million fine and setting aside Coach Paterno's victories for 14 years were fine although I am still choking over the $60 million fine, wow!  I do have a problem with impacting scholarships and the post-season ban.  I am tired of coaches like John Calapari who get in trouble with the NCAA, in his case a basketball program, and simply move onto another university's basketball program.  People like Calapari should be banned from the sport for a period of time.  Why do they have to impact a program going forward, especially in Penn State's case?   There is a new president, a new athletic director, a new football coach and newly recruited players now at PSU trying to rebuild a football program after a horrific scandal.  The NCAA says that their sanctions are far short of the death penalty (shutting down the program for a period of time); wanna bet.

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