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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's 32 Degrees Outside. Where's Your Coat?

I am on  my way to work this AM and pass a school bus stop with high school aged students waiting for their bus.  What I found amazing was that none of them had a coat or jacket on; only one female was wearing a sweater and a thin one at that.  The boys were dressed in basketball shorts and t-shirts and the girls were dressed in jeans and shirts.  How can their parents let them out of the house like that when it's 32 degrees out?  Maybe I am just getting old. But it's freezing!  This was not a lower income neighborhood where affordability could be an issue, but a traditional middle- class neighborhood.  What I find amazing is that the elementary school kids waiting for the bus on days like this are bundled up with hats, coats and gloves; thank you mom and / or dad.  Middle school kids at least have on a jacket, but then there are the high school kids being COOL by having the least amount of clothes on as possible while waiting for the bus.  A minor issue for some, but how are we as health care providers supposed to keep families healthy and out of the hospital when parents allow or ignore what their high school aged kids are doing. I guess better this than a whole lot of other bad behaviors that high schoolers could be doing.

As I take a respite from blogging, have a blessed Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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