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Friday, February 15, 2013

Paula Deen

I am not a regular reader of People magazine; however, I was waiting for Pamela and it was about the only thing to read.  In that issue was an article about Paula Deen and her family and their success in losing weight.  Remember back in 2011, Paula Deen admitted that she had type 2 diabetes and she was roundly criticized for still recommending unhealthy cooking while have diabetes.  I wrote a blog about that story and felt that Paula could pretty much do what she wanted.  If she wanted to cook unhealthy meals while having type 2 diabetes, so what.  Since then, Paula, her husband and two sons have lost a combined weight of 178 pounds.  They have changed their approach to eating by embracing a healthier lifestyle.  They did it though portion control, reduced carbs, more vegetables and exercise.  She also said that it is so much easier when everyone is doing it and if she and her family can do it, anyone can.  Good for you, Paula.

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