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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When Did We Get So Screwed Up?

Last Sunday in his sermon message, the pastor talked about growing up in the 50's and 60's during a much simpler time, a time when you knew right from wrong.  I then arrived home from church and picked up the newspaper to read about protests in Los Angeles in support of a homicidal maniac who killed two innocent people and two police officers doing their job, threatened the lives of others, taunted the father of the daughter whom he murdered in cold blood and put countless lives in danger for days and days.  As a society, when did we get so screwed up?  How can anyone in their right mind protest in support for such a monster?  The protesters said that they don't condone his killings, but objected to what led to his killing spree.  His acts were the same as a disgruntled employee who kills his boss and co-workers.  Is it just me or when someone murders people after they have been disciplined or terminated, the actions taken by those in charge seem to be well placed.  The outcome is tragic, but obviously the murderer had issues that led to his termination.  During the manhunt, there were some who were calling this maniac, a folk hero.  Really?

 My wife keeps reminding of an old hymn with the words, "I am but a stranger here, heaven is my home."  As each day goes by and I read of the craziness occurring around us, I find myself wishing for those simpler times.

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