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Monday, August 12, 2013

Despicable He

Across the various news wires today is a story about an oncologist in the Detroit area who has been charged with falsely charging Medicare $35 million for fake cancer diagnoses over the last two years.  He was arrested for providing chemotherapy to patients in remission who didn't have cancer and then billing for it.  If this is even remotely true, I can't imagine any human being who is that despicable by putting patients through such an ordeal just to make money.  The physician's attorney said that the government is basing their charges on disgruntled former and current employees and that they haven't even engaged an expert as of yet.  I realize that the government will build their case from here; however, rest assured they would not have arrested the physician without evidence beyond complaints from a few employees.  If his actions are proven to be true, this is the ultimate betrayal of his patients, his colleagues and his profession.

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