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Friday, August 2, 2013

There's That Brave New World of Health Care Again

An issue brief from KPMG came across my desk this week entitled, "Convergence is Coming: A Brave New World for US Health Care."  The Brave New World theme is how I opened this week's blogs as I blogged about last Friday's presentation by Anirban Basu to the WMHS Board.  The KPMG  issue brief describes the transformation of health care delivery in the US.  It describes the challenges such as less revenues, disruptive new market entrants, aggressive competition and rapidly shifting regulation.  The issue brief then gets into what health care executives need to do in dealing with these challenges.  We need to align ourselves with new partners, work more closely with the payers, focus on patient centricity, seek new delivery models, pursue collaborative operating models that are best suited for your organization and become much more engaged with data analytics. No real new news there, as we are deeply imbedded in each of these areas.   But, it's helpful to have confirmation of what you are doing in the transformation of health care delivery by the experts at KPMG's Healthcare and Life Sciences Institute.

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