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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Chaplain Who Doesn't Believe In God

The other day I read an article about a guy who wants to be a Navy Chaplain but he doesn't believe in God.  Really?  He has a Master's in Divinity from Texas Christian University and another Master's in Ecclesiastical History from Oxford, but he is a Humanist. 

A Humanist is one who advocates for equality among Freethinkers, Atheists and Humanists.  Being a Humanist means a lot of different things according to their website.  In a nutshell, they don't seem to be big fans of God but seem like very good people based on their beliefs.  Clearly, not believing in God is the wanna be Chaplain's right, but to be a Navy Chaplain which is synonymous with being a man or woman of God?  What on earth is he going to talk to the 13,000 declared non-believers in the Navy about?  Good clean living?  Actually, that's what your superior in the Navy is charged with and many are very good at it.  In addition, a "real" Navy Chaplain could also be there to listen and guide a non-believer when they are in need without imposing his or her faith on the sailor.  Oh wait, he says that because of his religious training and background, he can still minister to the believers. But he still doesn't believe in God; how do you suppose that will work?  He says that his life is one of ethical personal fulfillment aspiring to a greater good of humanity.  What he stands for sounds very good, but to serve our country as a Navy Chaplain who doesn't believe in God just seems to miss the mark.  What is crazy is that our current Defense Department is considering his application.  They say that they don't endorse any specific religion or organization (since when?).  They observe the tenets of a member of the military's respective religion as well as those who have no religious beliefs.  Sounds like political correctness to me.  What's next for our military, pilots who don't fly; a Surface Warfare Officer who doesn't like the water; a claustrophobic submariner who never wants to go below the water's surface.  I have no problem with this guy wanting to serve in the Navy but do so in a position that makes sense. 

In closing, I'll leave you with a quote from Congressman John Fleming, who says, "The notion of an atheist chaplain is non-sensical; it's an oxymoron."  Well stated, Congressman.

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