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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Washington Navy Yard

So this morning I get out of a meeting and there is a phone message from my wife that reads, "Jeff did not go to the Washington Navy Yard this morning."  My reaction when I looked at it was, "Huh, why did I need to know that?"  Then I learned of yet another senseless shooting.  Last count was 12 dead.  Innocent people going about their business and shot dead.  It makes me sick.  The significance of Jeff is that he is my daughter's boyfriend, also a Navy Lieutenant, who is in town to see my daughter and to visit his next assignment, you guessed it at the Washington Navy Yard.  He was scheduled to be there this AM to get introduced to his new work area and the people with whom he will be working.  He will begin work there in November.  I am pleased that he is safe, but my heart aches for the loss of life and for those who were injured.

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