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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trivergent Health Alliance

The Alliance of health systems, Western Maryland, Meritus and Frederick, has finally arrived at a name for our new Alliance........Trivergent Health Alliance.

Congratulations to our own Clay Jones, who came up with the name.  In a previous blog, I asked for suggestions and got many,  Most, unfortunately, had already been trademarked.  Trivergent was available so we trademarked it and also secured a variety of domain names, i.e .org, .com.

The Alliance continues to make progress in that we are close to finalizing operating and service agreements; obtaining a tax ID number; signing contracts for new technology and consultative assistance; developing systems for tracking savings and allocating cost; issuing RFPs for banking and insurance; finalizing locations for services across the Alliance and developing a new logo for Trivergent Health Alliance.  There continues to be a lot of work ahead of us, but a great deal has been accomplished to date.  The individual work groups in Human Resources, Supply Chain, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Revenue Cycle and Information Technology have done an amazing job in creating an individual business plan for each area.  We are looking at over a $20 million annual dollar saving by year three across the Alliance.  This is a saving that we would not have been able to achieve as three independent health systems.

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  1. I just heard this news yesterday and it makes sense to have an alliance between these three hospital groups. Congratulations on the new effort!