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Monday, July 21, 2014

Proud to be a Part of WMHS

I had the opportunity to use the services of WMHS over the last two weeks; and quite honestly, I was left both proud and extremely impressed by what I saw and experienced.  Clearly, I realize that I am the CEO and that I was treated differently and I was.  With that said, I had the opportunity to see the staff in action; and at times not being in my suit and tie and in eye glasses rather than contacts, I wasn't immediately recognized.  I was also able to observe staff from a distance and in some cases they didn't know that I was right around the corner.  

Whenever I reflect back on what I saw and heard, I am immediately reminded of our mission, our values and our service excellence standards.  As they say in tennis, game, set and match.  A clean sweep.  These folks were demonstrating our mission in every instance by providing superior care, not only to me but to those around me.  They were caring, compassionate, respectful, funny, thorough, well organized, straightforward and pretty much excellent in their delivery of my care and the care of others in every instance.  To see these folks care for patients who are in an extremely vulnerable state cared for in such a manner was so rewarding for me.   

We focus on being a values-driven organization and, for the most part, that is supported by our patient satisfaction scores, but to see it evolve in front of me was both heartwarming and reassuring.  These people were truly excellent in all that that did.  As for those areas that could be improved upon, they were process oriented or documents that needed to be revised.  I am certainly pleased with the outcomes from the services that I personally took part in; but overall, I am thrilled with the consistent fulfillment of our mission, values and service excellence standards on the part of our staff.

1 comment:

  1. Mr Ronan
    I wish you could be an "Undercover Boss" like in the TV series.
    You may see the BEST we have, those who are caring, kind, dedicated.
    You may also see ones who are just here for the paycheck.
    You may also see the ones who use their position as power over others who need their help.
    This must go on everywhere. Even here.