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Monday, August 15, 2011

GE and China

Throughout each week as I come across potential blog material, I save it and read it over the weekend.  One item that I saved was a blog from Jack Cafferty of CNN.  The subject of this particular blog was concerning GE and the message that it is sending to America by closing its X-Ray Division in Wisconsin and moving it to China.  It is extremely hard to believe that a CEO who serves on the President's Jobs Creation Council is creating jobs in another country and investing $2 billion in China to do so.  GE will create research centers throughout China.  GE has been a very successful company in the US and has been a mainstay of our economy over the years.  As a customer of GE, I gave pause after I learned that they didn't pay any US income taxes on $5B in profits from US operations and $14B in total profits for all of last year.  I think that I need to rethink my relationship with GE.  There couldn't be a better time in US economic history when this country could use a boost such as the one that GE is planning to export to China.

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