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Monday, August 1, 2011

An Interesting Perspective

Over the weekend, I was reading excerpts from Juan Williams' new book, “Muzzled, An Assault on Honest Debate."  As you will remember, Juan Williams was fired by National Public Radio because he said that he becomes nervous whenever he gets on a plane and there are Muslims on the same flight.  An overreaction on NPR's part, yep!  Political correctness gone amuck, yep!  Anyway, in his book, Juan Williams gives a perspective on illegal immigrants that I found interesting.  He writes that the quickest path to US citizenship for illegal immigrants is to embrace what the US has to offer--not cross the border and celebrate your old language and culture almost to an extreme.  They want to have all of the benefits that come with living and working in the US, but refuse to assimilate into the American culture.  This "in your face" attitude does little to make a case for a path to citizenship.  Again, an interesting perspective and one that I embrace.  This country needs to secure its borders, and then create a path for citizenship for those who are already in the US, but respect that privilege

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