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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Boy, am I in trouble. In yesterday's posting I mentioned "Crazy, Stupid Love" as a movie to see. Why I am trouble is that I named the former Michael Scott from "The Office" fame as Steve Carey not Steve Carell. My daughters are very big fans of Steve Carell and "The Office" and they will give me a very hard time since they think that I have an impeccable memory. It's very good, but impeccable would be a stretch. So, I google Steve Carey just figure out why that name popped into my head and that I didn't give it second thought as I re-read my blog before I posted it.
There are 25 individuals named Steve Carey in Linkedin and only one who is an actor. Steve Carey, the actor's latest work, are you ready, a pornagraphic remake of Hansel and Gretel. So, it's certainly not that Steve Carey. I am at a loss for that memory blip aside from rapidly advancing old age. Strange.

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