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Friday, January 6, 2012

HPV, Cancer & Oral Sex

Today's blog is a bit out of the ordinary since it deals with oral sex.  I read an article that pretty much shocked me (click here to read article).  Twenty million Americans have the Human Papilloma Virus and with the HPV increase there is also an increase in throat and tonsil cancers mainly due to the proliferation of oral sex among teenagers and young adults.  It is time for parents to take control of this issue and have that difficult conversation with your son or daughter.  Oral sex is sex and it is not safe sex; sorry, Bill Clinton.  It is also time to get them vaccinated; sorry, Michelle Bachman.  We are talking about cancer here and your kid; this is serious and preventable.  Education on the matter is critical as is getting your child vaccinated.


  1. Great points, and this is total proof that politicizing health care policy is extremely dangerous. Hopefully our country does not choose someone like a Rick Santorum (who said that no one has ever died from not have health insurance) as our next president.

  2. agree completely with both of you!

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