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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Transitioning to a "Get It Done" Organization

The days of taking that kinder, gentler approach to just about everything at WMHS are now over.  We are transitioning the organization to be all about the patient; it's no longer about "me."   Whether "me" is the physician, the nurse, the manager, the CEO, the director, the technician and the list goes on.  We are here to provide the most appropriate care in the most appropriate setting.  We are transitioning to an organization that is moving quickly to change how we deliver care.  Previously, we accommodated just about everyone.  If we are going to be successful in the age of health care reform, we have to provide patient-centered care; we have to focus on the health of the population that we serve and we have to lower the total cost of health care.   As an example, in the "let's accommodate everyone era,” we amassed a total of nine different type of latex exam gloves, not surgical gloves, exam gloves that were available at WMHS.  We just reduced the number to ONE, saving at minimum tens of thousands of dollars in better pricing, less man hours from ordering to delivering and reduced inventory costs.   I will provide a list of examples of such changes in the coming weeks as there will be many.

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