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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Live by the Sword, Die By the Sword

As I noted last week, I am on vacation so I am a little more in tuned with current events as they are happening. Yesterday, I watched Ozzie Guillen, the new Manager of the newly reinvented Miami Marlins, be suspended for five days after only playing five regular season games. What Ozzie did for those of you who are not on vacation and have no time for anything but work, he said in an interview with Time magazine that he loved Fidel Castro. Really, you said that in Miami where it is more Cuban than American. Cuban Americans HATE Fidel and Ozzie loves and respects him. Ozzie has said lots of stupid things over the years as a player and most recently, as the Manager of the Chicago White Sox. Previously, he said that he likes and respects fellow countryman, Hugo Chavez, Supreme Dictator, actually President of Venezuela. Ozzie apologized for what he said yesterday not because he said it, but that Cuban Americans called for Ozzie to be fired and if he wasn't fired they are going to boycott all of the Marlins games until he is fired. This will never go away for Ozzie or the Marlins. They wanted an over the top Latino Manager to lead their team in Latin American dominated market so they could put more fans in the seats. Five games into the season, they are already going to have worse attendance this year then they did previously.

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