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Monday, April 2, 2012

We Are From The Government and We Are Here To Help

Over the weekend, I read that the IRS is moving forward with hiring 4500 IRS employees to enforce the new health care law.  For the "nominal" cost of $303 million dollars, the IRS will get 4000 agents for health reform enforcement.  The law requires all legal citizens of the US to have health insurance.  If you don't, you will be fined and it will be paid at tax time.  If you are a business with over 50 employees, you will have to demonstrate that you provide affordable coverage to your employees; if not, that's right, you'll be fined too.  This law is so complex that the IRS is saying that it could take years for them to understand the specifics in their entirety.  Reassuring, isn't it?  It reminds me of the State of Maryland a few years ago with its laws related to lead poisoned children.  Detecting, treating and caring for the kids became too costly so they decided to step up enforcement of fines and penalties.  They virtually ignored evolving sources of lead poisoning, such as schools, because it would cost too much to address.  And they criticize health care for how we run our hospitals and health systems.

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