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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Milestones Celebrated on One Day

I asked my wife if she had any plans for the celebration of today's milestones and, of course, she looked at me like I was crazy.  She asked what milestones? First, there is the 16-year anniversary of the formation of the Western Maryland Health System and secondly, the one year anniversary of my blog. 

As for the blog, it was inspired by Paul Levy's blog, Not Running a Hospital, which I thoroughly enjoy reading every day.   Overall, I like blogging about the health system, people, politics, leadership, aspects of my job and even my personal life.  There are days that it is difficult to come up with a topic to blog about, but that lasts only a few minutes.  I am never at a loss for words once that I settle on the topic.  I hope that you continue to find the blog interesting. 

As for the anniversary of WMHS, what an amazing 16 years.  The early years were significantly challenging; however, what we were able to accomplish has been nothing short of amazing.  Three hospitals in Allegany County into one system; an open heart surgery program that is one of the best in the State of Maryland; the region's largest employer and an employer of choice; an exceptional trauma center; a dedicated board; a great team of physicians; an amazing workforce; an exceptional management team; a new state-of-the-art hospital and the list goes on.  I hope that our region realizes how blessed they are to have the Western Maryland Health System.

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