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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Extraordinary Bosses

Last week, I wrote about a great article in Inc. magazine, "8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses."  Some of the tidbits worth noting in the article were as follows:

* Average bosses see business as conflict and build "armies" for the fight; extraordinary bosses create teams that attempt to more easily adapt to the market.

*Average bosses view their company as a machine with rigid structures and rules; extraordinary bosses see their employees as a collection of individual hopes and dreams all connected to a higher purpose or goal.

*Average bosses want employees to do exactly as they are told; extraordinary bosses set direction and ask employees to commit themselves to getting the job done.

*Average bosses view their employees as children; unlike extraordinary bosses who view their employees as peers.

*Extraordinary bosses motivate through vision not fear.

*Extraordinary bosses embrace change while average bosses see change as complicated and threatening.

*Extraordinary bosses use technology for creativity purposes while average bosses see it as a way to increase control and dependence.

*Extraordinary bosses see work as something that should be inherently enjoyable while average bosses see it as a necessary evil.

These are great tidbits for a leader to work into his or her repertoire.

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