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Friday, May 11, 2012

No More Picking the Feds This Week

It's time to comment on the upcoming special legislative session scheduled next week to deal with a single issue: to raise taxes on Marylanders.  There are reasons on both sides of the aisle not to allow the doomsday budget to take effect this fiscal year.   However, my blog is about the absurdity of our elected leaders, all from the same party (Democrats), not finalizing the budget, which includes raising taxes, during the regular session.  Instead, many of these senators and delegates, who will be running for re-election in 2 years, will have to vote to raise taxes in a spotlighted special session.  This is a great time for any prospective challenger to begin preparing his or her campaign.  Maryland, according to Governor O'Malley, has some of the lowest taxes in the country.  Really?  By raising the state income taxes to almost 9% that will place Maryland in the top 10 of states with the highest state and local income taxes.  I guess the good news is that we don't live in France.  Their newly elected President wants to raise taxes up to 75%.  Get ready for the brain drain from France.

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