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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Internet Sales Tax

Today could be a first for me.  I actually support the legislation giving states the ability to tax  retail internet sales that was passed by the Senate on Monday.  What has been happening nationwide is the amount of retail sales via the Internet vs. in-store sales has grown exponentially.  As a result, tax revenues in states across the US are eroding rapidly.  I know that is hard to fathom in Maryland where even the rainfall is now taxed, but the retail sales tax is critical in the running of state government.  Quite honestly, it pays the bills.  It funds education, portions of health care, public safety, public health, wages, etc. 
If the state doesn't have the funds a lot of people are left to suffer.  I know, what about the waste?  Sorry to say, but waste is inherent is government and in politics.  The goal is to minimize it to the extent possible, but it will always be there.  As long as there are special interests and patronage, there will be waste.   As for the ability to tax Internet sales, it will be interesting to see what the House of Representatives does with the legislation.  A number of Republican senators voted in favor of the tax, but it will be a lot tougher sell in the House.  Stay tuned.

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