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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Putting America Before Politics

I read a great article last week from Hospitals & Health Networks Daily by their managing editor, Bill Santamour.  The article is entitled, "Can Our Legislators Put America Before Politics?”  The article is based on the outcome from the most recent AHA Annual Membership Meeting which was that Congress and the White House need to finally end the stalemate that is crippling our government. 

Apparently, the most direct speaker on the issue was Bob Woodward of Watergate fame.  He said that the political gridlock is tragic for our country.  Republican speakers said to tell Congress that the gridlock must stop as did the Democratic speakers.  They talked about Sequestration and called it stupid as to how our government is "working." (Thank God, I thought that they thought that was good policy and strong leadership.)  The best line of the day was from Bob Woodward, who suggested that Jimmy Carter was successful in reaching detente with Egypt and Israel back 1978.  When people asked how it could happen; the answer was if you had to spend 14 days locked up with Jimmy Carter, you'll sign anything.  Woodward then suggested that our present day Congressional leaders and White House staff be locked up with Joe Biden for two weeks.  That could be the solution to political gridlock in all of Washington.  By God, something has to change so I say, make it happen.

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