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Friday, May 3, 2013


When I first got my iPad several years ago, one of the first apps that I downloaded was iTriage.  It was highly recommended by Apps Magazine.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet and listen to a presentation by Jonathan White, VP of Business Development for iTriage.  If you haven't used the app, I would suggest that you download it; it's free. 

The app provides information on doctors, hospitals, urgent centers.  You can enter symptoms for a particular condition and it will provide you with common causes and how the condition should be treated.  It will also tell you where to get medical help.....whether you need to go to an ED, Urgent Care or a physician's office.    Videos describing treatment of the condition are available for viewing.  You can even watch a surgical procedure should that be the recommended treatment.  I, then, had the opportunity to see where iTriage was headed next.  A patient will be able to see test results on iTriage and communicate directly with his / her physician.  In addition, reminders will be provided to take meds, check your BP, your weight, etc.   You can check out, iTriage on their website, www.iTriageHealth.com, for yourself.

This technology is very cool and has been designed to keep patients as healthy as possible as well as out of the hospital.  When it was created by two ED physicians in Denver, CO, I don't think they realized what a benefit it would be to hospitals as we work to implement changes to better care for and treat our patients.

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