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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Segment That Everyone Should Watch

My day starts around 5:30 each day.  Before I began the process to get ready for work, I begin each morning by reviewing emails that were received during the night.  On some occasions, like today, the information received can serve as blog material.  

Late last night, I received a video contained in an email from one of my closest friends, Lou Shapiro.  Lou is the President and CEO for the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC.  Lou's email said that the video was worth watching even though it’s on a show that I probably don't watch on a station that it’s safe to say I never watch.  The piece is about 15 minutes long and it's an editorial by Lawrence O'Donnell, who has a show on MSNBC.  

Lou was right on both counts, but I am just as disenchanted with the Right as I am with the Left.  I am fast becoming a Radical Centrist.  I am sick to death of the polarizing opposites of the far Right and the far Left.  Politically, we need to have some common sense more centrally positioned to prevail in this country, but that's for another day and another blog.  The O'Donnell piece is very well done as it describes his painful ordeal from an automobile accident in the Virgin Islands, his immediate transport to NYC for treatment and care, his recovery and the wonderful people who he met in the process of his ordeal.   What is especially poignant about the piece is that here is a somewhat famous news personality who was never hospitalized in his life and finally got to experience what it was like to have caregivers inside a hospital apply their skills, training and abilities specifically focused on you and your full and complete recovery.  

His focus is the Hospital for Special Surgery, but it can be said of the great majority of hospitals across the US.  All too often, we hear some pretty horrible comments about hospitals through the media.  The piece was both refreshing and spot on; it should be required viewing for a whole lot of people.


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