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Monday, June 23, 2014

Update on Terrell

I receive a lot of inquires each day as to the health status of my son-in-law Terrell and his bout with high grade osteosarcoma in his right leg.  I previously blogged about Terrell and Jessica's plight on March 11, 2014, shortly after the diagnosis that left everyone in shock.  

First, it was thought to be a tear in the knee, then a benign tumor, only to then get the worst possible news.  Since then, Terrell has had ten weeks of chemotherapy that required a three to four day inpatient stay for each treatment.  Then, surgery that required the knee to be replaced along with 5 inches of his femur.  He was hospitalized for a few days after surgery but has been home for two weeks and is making great progress of late.  

Early on after discharge, Pamela, who is an RN and providing care, assistance and oversight over these two weeks, said that her heart was breaking to see Terrell in that state.  However, since last week he has made great progress under the watchful eyes of his caregivers—-Jessica, his mother Paula, and Nurse Ratchet of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest fame aka Pamela, who can be a task master.  That leg is now weight bearing, he can straighten it and he can bend it 90 degrees.  I attached a photo,  The 39 staples will be removed today.  After seeing the photo, Terrell's nephew shared it with everyone and he had the best line, "that's where they sewed up his robot leg.”  

All is as well as can be expected, but this week is crucial with meetings with his orthopedic surgeon and his oncologist. Also, Terrell is resuming chemotherapy at the end of this week and it is anticipated to continue into October.  Keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.  Thanks.

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