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Monday, October 27, 2014

Do You Know What Could Be Done With $4 Billion?

Over the weekend, I read an article in the Washington Post as to the cost of the 2014 mid- term elections.  The total price tag is projected at $4 Billion.   That's right, "B" as in Billions.  Fortunately, when I watch television, it mainly consists of programming that I have recorded so I don't have to watch paid political advertisements.  But, when I do catch one on live TV, it's never about what the candidate will do if elected; it is an announcer talking about the horrible things that the candidate's opponent stands for.  In these commercials, the announcer is even gifted in using their best voice of doom when describing the opponent, but then the same announcer turns cheery once the candidate and his or her family appear on the screen. 

Early on in the election cycle, the candidates may focus on what they plan to do or what they have accomplished.  Quickly thereafter, the candidates and incumbents alike end up in the gutter trashing each other with out and out lies.  If we are lucky, we may get a half truth on occasion.  The entire process sickens me.  

Talk about campaign finance reform, I have some suggestions.  Instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on campaign advertising, severely limit such spending especially if the ads are negative in nature. With the amount of legitimate hunger and homelessness in today's world, the need for greater interest in the pursuit of studies in science technology, engineering and math among our youth and the need to cure devastating diseases, wouldn't the $4 Billion be much better spend elsewhere than on paid political announcements?  Of course, it would, but as long as those seeking and holding office benefit from such advertisements, change will never happen.  

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