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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally, A Study That Says Pot Is NOT Harmless

Professor Wayne Hall, a drug advisor to the World Health Organization, recently completed the results of a 20-year study on the effects of marijuana usage.  Some of his findings are as follows: 

  • The drug is not safe. 
  • One in 6 teenagers who use it regularly will become dependent on it.
  • Usage doubles the risk of psychosis, such as schizophrenia.
  • One in 10 adults who use it regularly will become dependent on it and it will lead to use of harder drugs.
  • Smoking while pregnant will reduce at minimum the baby's weight and impact its ability to thrive.
  • After smoking it and then driving, the risk of an accident is doubled.
  • It is harder to stop using than heroin.
  • Long-term use increases the risk of heart disease, cancer and respiratory disorders.
And his main finding is again the impact on teenagers; those who use it regularly can have mental disorders and addiction issues. The lone bright spot of the study was that it is less dangerous than heroin or cocaine in the risk of sudden death since you cannot take a lethal dose of marijuana.

Now, if you listen to Hollywood, liberal politicians and even our President, marijuana is not harmful, it should be decriminalized, legalized and ultimately, TAXED.  I agree with the decriminalization aspects.  It is ridiculous to have one state treat possession of a small amount as the equivalent of a parking ticket and another state  treat the amount as a felony.  Our President, who is a self proclaimed past user of marijuana, views it as a bad habit, liking it to smoking cigarettes, and says that it is no more dangerous than alcohol.  That may be true, but we all know that there are dangers associated with the use of alcohol, especially in excess, but to date we keep hearing that marijuana use is harmless, at least until now.  As a side and "to offer comfort," the actor, Jack Nicholson, said back in 2011 that he is a regular, but responsible user of marijuana......I rest my case.

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