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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Better Than Disney?

Recently, a friend and co-worker asked at what point did the expectation of a hospital patient become that of a guest at a five-star resort?  It is interesting that some of our patients have an expectation equivalent to that of a resort guest.  Some of the demands are mind boggling, especially for a rural community, but we still strive to provide a level of service that is exceptional.  "Our best always" continues to be our service excellence moniker, and people who have visited the new Western Maryland Regional Medical Center have compared it to a resort.

That same friend attended a conference at Disney World last week and discovered that we may now have the edge on Disney.  We don't restrict your television viewing—there’s no Fox News Network at any Disney property.  In fact, shortly after we opened the new hospital, we were accused by an out-of-town visitor in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper of having every television tuned to Fox News.  It just so happens that our local visitors know that if you go over to the TV and press the channel selector, you can watch a variety of stations.  At WMHS, we give you all the shampoo and conditioner that you need.  At Disney, your initial shampoo and conditioner are free; after that, a $5 charge is assessed. 

Maybe there is a marketing opportunity here for WMHS.  In healthcare, we have studied Disney for years related to their service excellence.  Looks like we are now in a position to teach Disney something.  Just kidding! They continue to be a fine organization that has taken political correctness, their green policies and cost-saving initiatives to a new level.

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