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Friday, July 1, 2011

Better Care in Fiscal Year 2012

As we embark on a new fiscal year at WMHS today, our focus is addressing ways to improve the delivery of care as we try to deliver that care in the most appropriate setting.  So, where are we focusing since we have already tackled the "low hanging fruit"?  First, over utilization of services.  It would be nice to get some help on the medical malpractice front to make this a little easier.  Second, hospital associated infections. We actually had a complaint from a patient recently on too much hand hygiene on the part of our care providers.  What was remarkable was that the patient was hospitalized for an infection.  We will not apologize for too much hand hygiene in fact, it will be stepped up in FY'12.  Third, readmissions.  We have to reduce our readmissions system wide as this is one of our most significant areas for improvement.  We are already concentrating on our high risk DRGs.  Next  is process improvement.  We have incentivized our directors and our process engineers for interdepartmental process improvement.  Addressing operational efficiencies has great potential.  Lastly, continue to examine best practices throughout the industry, Maryland and through our recent affiliation with Premier's Quest initiative.  Lots to do, but it is all so crucial to our continued success.

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