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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Players vs Pretenders

I just read an interesting article, Players vs. Pretenders, in Success magazine.  The article by John Maxwell asked what kind of followers do you lead-- people who look the part or do their part?  How do you spot a pretender?  They have a selfish mindset; they are position conscious; they are job hunters; they only promise the goods and, lastly, they are interested in their own success.  As for the players: they have a servant's mindset; they are mission conscious; they are job happy; they deliver the goods and lastly, they love to see others succeed.
Which are you?  Hopefully, the player since pretending takes a lot more time and can be really tiring.  According to Maxwell, pretenders exist in every organization (hopefully, they have all been weeded out at WMHS).  They can slow down an organization, steal momentum, damage relationships and live for themselves.

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