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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Bit of Hypocrisy If You Ask Me and Cokie

Last month, I had the opportunity to meet, as well as to hear speak, Steve and Cokie Roberts.  Steve was a reporter for the NY Times and Cokie was an ABC News correspondent.  Both are now free-lance columnists and are on the speaking tour.  They gave a great perspective on the upcoming election, politics in Washington, health care and the world in general.  During her presentation, Cokie took a shot at Steve's former employer, the NY Times.  She pointed out that they take on Wall Street, bankers, CEOs and pretty much anyone with money, but yet continue to run daily ads for $25,000 watches, $900 shoes and $700 purses.  She said that it annoys the heck out of her; me too!  What happened to having principles and values as well as being responsible for what you report and advertise.  I recognize the importance of high-end advertising; but then don't take a holier than thou approach against those who are the 1%.  If it wasn't for the 1% there wouldn't be the need to advertise for such expensive goods. 

Last week, the NY Times hypocrisy raised its ugly head yet again.  They ran an anti-Catholic ad, but refused to run a comparable ad denouncing Muslims.  (By the way, I didn't agree with running either ad.)  The Times stated that they would not run the ad now in order to protect our servicemen and women.  Really?  Wasn't the NY Times the first media outlet to run the Wikileaks stories, putting servicemen and women, diplomats, intelligence operatives in danger throughout the world?  It is amazing that we allow them to get away such irresponsibility in journalism.

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