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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So Much For The Do Not Call List

Usually when I am home and the phone rings, I screen the call to see who is calling.  If it's identified as out of area, a toll-free number, a private caller, the Republican National Committee or any political candidate, I don't answer the call.  This past weekend was different; for the fun of it, I answered every call. 

I can tell you that the International Firefighters Association doesn't like to be challenged; they can be nasty.  I guess I would be nasty too, in a defensive kind of way, if I were a charity collecting money for firefighters and they were getting less than 30% of what is being collected.  I told the RNC that they wouldn't get a dime until they support candidates who will do a better job in Washington DC (less gridlock) and start putting pressure on Rick Santorum to get out of the campaign.  Lots of calls, lots of challenges by me of the callers; actually it was kinda of fun. 

However, I am curious.  What ever happened to the Do Not Call List? I signed up several years ago and it's like it doesn't exist.  When you challenge the caller by telling them that you are on the list not to call, they tell you that you have had a past relationship with the organization or better yet, given them money in the past.  I think not.

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