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Friday, March 2, 2012

Three Priorities, Really?

I recently read a brief article in Inc. magazine on priorities.  The advice on priorities was provided by a very young CEO of a social media company.  Very simply put by her, "If you have any more than three priorities, you have no priorities."  Really?  She also applies that approach to her daily life.  Each day she writes down three goals for the day.  Great approach and advice for the average person.  However, it is hard to believe that a CEO of any organization can get away with three priorities in any aspect of their professional life.    My professional priorities are based on the health system's strategic plan.  The plan has FOUR strategic goals, a handful of supporting strategies for each goal and many tactics for each strategy.  All that we do at WMHS must fit into the strategic plan.  Application of that plan by senior and middle management throws that young CEO's approach out the window.  Having priorities is great advice and keep your number realistic, but don't limit them to three.

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