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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Drug Shortages - Who is to Blame?

OK, I know that I said that I would blog all week about tomorrow's Supreme Court decision, but so is everybody else.  Blogs, newspapers, radio and TV, the story is everywhere.  Can't wait for tomorrow so we can all get on with our lives.  Outside of the hospital, I have never had so many people ask me about an issue as they have with the upcoming Supreme Court's decision.  So, today I am taking a break from the Affordable Care Act and blogging about a recent poll on the drug shortage issue. 
Recently, a Congressional Committee stated that the FDA is responsible for the shortages because of their over-regulation and not allowing new drugs to the market fast enough.  The results are as follows: Drug Companies - 42.2%; FDA - 11.3%; Both - 42.7% and Neither - 3.8%.  I am in the both category.  I think that the FDA shares in the blame but to a much lesser degree than Big Pharma.  Of course, Congress is going to blame the FDA in an attempt to embarrass the Obama administration.  Congress is not going to bite the hand that feeds them, the drug companies!  We need to stop pointing fingers and work on viable solutions to the drug shortage issue, especially when it is avoidable, as is the case here.

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